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The Compassionate Ministry of St. Catherine’s Parish involves over 60 parishioners who are involved in touching the lives of others who are on our "Special Person’s List." These are people who are basically homebound and are alone much of the time. Our effort is to reach out as stewards of God and show them they are indeed special and that others care about them. We want to bring a smile to their day, a touch of love, and a sense of being special.

Some of our volunteers are involved in making homemade gifts for our special people. They make shawls, lap warmers, slippers, scarves, etc. and deliver these gifts to them. The Handmade Gifts group is expanding this year to reach out to others whom they feel would benefit from a gift that says someone cares.

Other volunteers are involved in sending greeting cards, visiting and phoning our special people, offering rides to drive people to church, etc. They also deliver poinsettias at Christmas and lilies at Easter.

Volunteers are involved in the "Welcome New Parishioners" part of the program.  New parishioners receive a welcome bag - it is our way of saying welcome to St. Catherine’s Parish and that we are glad you are a part of our family.  Members bake bread and deliver the bags.  Some items include: candle - we are the light of the world, coin - sharing our treasure with you, salt - we are the salt of the earth, and bread/wine - sharing the Body and Blood of Christ.  Also included is our church directory/history of St. Catherine's and Rockford Diocese directory of churches.  

If you would like the Compassionate Ministry to stay in touch with a family member in the Military, please contact Lorraine Baltrum whose number is below.

If you know of anyone who could benefit in any way from any of the above, please call one of the people below for the type of service you would like to request.

Should you be able to and want to help us in any of the areas listed above, please contact:

Betty Burke

Carol Engel

Lorraine Baltrum




Handmade Gifts

Welcome Bags

Cards, Visits,
Phone Calls, Military






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